Dragon City Mod APK 2021 v10.9 | Unlimited Gems, Gold & Everything

Dragon city mod APK is a fun-loving game loved by many children and adults. Dragon city mod apk Android 1 can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. It is one of the best games that comes with excellent graphics. Different rounds of the same genre available, but people want dragon city mod apk 2021 download.

About Dragon City Mod APK

The game is all about to train small dragons from food to care about their growth and development. The players need to take care of them. If handled appropriately managed, the baby monsters become monsters, and later you need to train them against enemies. It is a fun game indeed, especially if you have the patience and love to play a story kind of play. 

Dragon city mod apk 10.9 download is the latest application that one can easily download on the Android phone, and also the application is available for iOS users. One can download dragon city mod apk unlimited gems 2021. To get unlimited gems, one can also use the online Gem generator, which only requires your id and platform information on which you want to rocks. It is one of the favorite games of the ones who love to train the dragons. The trained dragons later on used for enemies and to fight against them. People prefer to download dragon city because of the great graphics. It feels as you are playing the game in real. 

Dragon City Mod APk

The game comes up with an innovative idea and a storyline, so it is one of the best gaming apps that users love to play the story-based game. It comes up with some unique features that other games don’t have. That’s the only reason people prefer dragon city mod apk 2021 download as compared to other games. One can quickly get unlimited gold and gems in this game. To get unlimited gems, one needs to focus on the growth and development of baby dragons and make them monsters fighting for you against enemies. The game is loved by people who like to play fighting games. In this game, you will find 100s of dragons that are transformed into monsters. To win the game, all you need is to take care of the dragons, diet, and growth.

App Details

Name of application Dragon City Mod APK
Developer Social Point
Size of application  128 MB
Latest version  10.9
Android requirement  4.1 and up
Cost Freely Available 

Adults and children love the game, and the only reason for loving dragon city mod apk is that it comprises the best graphics and a fair story play. The game allows 100s of dragons of different species trained by the players. Those tiny dragons become monsters and able to fight against their enemies. The players can easily collect unlimited gold and unlimited gems, and most probably, the rocks play an essential role in the game compared to gold. If you order more gems in this game, you can unlock many gaming features. By getting unlimited gems, you will get another dimension in the dragon city mod apk. 

Dragon city mod apk 2021 download also provides the option to play with other players, one of the most outstanding features available in the game. It will increase the competition and also make it possible for the players to enjoy the game more. The dimensional graphics are available in this game that makes it unique and the best in pictures. The color schemes are also up to the mark of this game. The size of the application is 128MB, which is enormous because of the graphics. That is the reason Android 4.1 is required to play the game. 


Some of the best features that make Dragon city 2021 mod apk one of the best game to be played are as follows: 

  • The game comes up with an innovative idea, i.e., to build it up with a storyline. One need to feed and to check the growth and development of dragons to make them monsters. Many players attract the storyline idea. 
  • Unlimited golds will get when the players take care of the baby dragons, and they are given as a reward. The unlimited golds can use to fight against enemies as well. You will get more gold when you pass each level of the game.
  • Unlimited gems also play an essential role in the game. If the player collects more gold and jewels, it will increase your position in the game. Gemstones play a crucial role in the game as compared to gold. 
  • You have to take care of baby dragons to get unlimited gold and gems. 
  • With dragon city mod apk, you will be able to unlock 100s of dragons. The baby dragons will become monsters that will fight against enemies. 
  • Player VS Player battle is also available. According to this feature, you can play the game with your friends and enjoy it to the fullest. 
  • You can entitle the dragons. Yes! Hearing me right, you can discuss and chat with other dragon masters and look at the tutorials to feed and train your dragons to fight against enemies. 
  • players can download dragon city mod apk unlimited gems 2021 from online generators. Most important and the feature that impressed me the most is the graphics. It feels that you playing the game in real. 

How to Download and Install Dragon City Mod APK? 

Downloading and installing dragon city mod APK is very easy. Many websites claim that they are providing authentic and links that one can easily reach, but most are fraudulent. They lend you to an un-appropriate page that is annoying for the users. Its main aim of our site to provide ease to the users. With one click, they able to download the app. follow the steps to download dragon city mod APK. 

•Download the dragon city mod 2021 apk from the download link available below 

•After clicking the link given below, it will redirect you towards apk file “click Download.”

•Now install mod apk by giving permission to an unknown source 

•Open the Mod APK file 

•Hurrah! You successfully downloaded Dragon city mod 2021 APK. 

APK files need permission while downloaded on Android and other platforms. Make sure to click ok. Without clicking, the process of downloading will not start. By downloading and installing the game, you will get a chance to explore amazing features as well as many other options and the best graphics available in the game.

The game size is 128MB, which is quite heavy; that is why it is recommended to be downloaded on Android 4.0.3. As compared to other games, dragon city comes up with amazing and mind-blowing graphics that will provide fun to the players while playing the game. 

How Dragon City Mod APK 2021 Download in PC?

Yes! It’s great news for dragon city game lovers that the APK can be downloaded to the PC. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below, and you will get your hands on to Dragon city mod APK. 

•To install the game APK file, you need to install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC

•Download the Dragon City Mod APK on your PC from the link below on this site

•Now easily install the Mod APK in PC using Bluestack Emulator App

•Open the APK file by using Bluestack Android Emulator 

•Done! You have successfully downloaded the dragon city mod apk file on your PC. 

Downloading Dragon city is that much easy. We don’t redirect the users to other pages. So, it is very easy to download the dragon city app for PC as well. One can easily play the game on a PC and get unlimited gems and gold for the game. Mostly Gems are needed to train the dragons to become monsters. The game is not the only favorite for kids, but it is also a favorite for adults. 

The main reason for the popularity of the game is its storyline and three-dimensional graphics. It will provide the best graphics, and the game is very interesting overall. The more you take care of the baby dragons, the more chances to win the game. Train them to fight against enemies and also take care of their feed that helps in their growth and development. 

Dragon city mod apk 2021

Why it is required to get unlimited gems and unlimited gold? 

Unlimited gems and gold are easily available in the game. One can get unlimited gem and gold by taking good care of baby dragons, by taking care of their feed that helps in their growth and development. The better you trained your dragon, they will become fighter monsters that will help you in winning the game. One can also generate unlimited gems and unlimited gold from online generators that only required your id name and also the platform like iOS and Android on which you want to generate the gold and gems. Dragon City Mod APK required gems as compared to gold. It is required to get unlimited gems and gold to progress more in the game. 

How to get Unlimited Gold and Gems: Tips for Beginners

As you know that unlimited gems are needed the most for dragon city mod apk. The beginners need to focus on some tips that I am sharing with all of you that will help you in getting the unlimited gems and gold. 

1. Built habitat by spending 100 gold and gain XP 

2. You can get the Terra dragon breed that will help you in fetching unlimited gems

3. Tap on the habitat and select one feed, then tap on the feed button until the dragon goes to level 4

4. You can build the food farm from where you can feed your dragons. For growing the farm, you simply need to tap on the food farm, and it will start growing food. 

5. The fun element is that the game provides daily rewards, and you can collect your daily rewards include food, gems, gold, and much more. 

6. Enter the game in a row, and slow steady, you will win the game. By playing in a row, you will also get bonuses, and the bonuses are in the shape of gold and gem. 

7. You have to complete the recommended goal. For a beginner’s level, it is very easy to avail of the goal, but with each level, it gets tough. 

8. You can also upgrade the items according to level capacity 

9. Unlocking greenhouse is like achieving the milestone of dragon city mod apk because it continuously generates food. 

10. You can start up the battles on three levels include quests, leagues, and Arenas. Leagues and Arenas battles are high levels that will unlock after level 10 and 12. The more you win battles, the unlimited gold and gems you will generate. 

FAQs Related to Dragon City Mod APK 

What are the features Mod APK of the game provides? 

Dragon city apk comes up with an innovative idea, unlimited gems, unlimited gold, 100s of dragons, PVP battle, unlimited features and one can fight powerful battles and also provide the ability to build a new city. 

What are the reasons people love the dragon city app the most? 

The three-dimensional graphics are available in the game, so that is the only reason making the game the most favorite. No. of sharing shows the popularity of the game as well. 

What does it cost to get this game? 

The great news is that this amazing game is available for free, one can easily follow the steps to download and install the gaming app on Android and easily enjoy it. 

Why download dragon city mod apk 2021 from our site? 

The only reason for downloading the APK file from our site is that we provide an authentic link. You don’t need to go through different pages to download a single app. Click on the download button and after giving permission, the app will start downloading on your phone. 

Breeding legendary dragons to get unlimited gold and gems

There are 15 top and legendary dragons available in the game that includes flame, terra, sea, nature, electric, metal, ice, rare, dark, legendary, hybrid, exclusive, pure, war, light, and sanctuary dragon. You have to breed the legendary dragons with the best quality food items, and it will definitely help them to grow. After breeding, you have to wait for two days and 6 hours until you fetch the legendary dragons. The hatching of legendary dragons will help you in fighting for quests and as well help you in getting unlimited gems that will help you to grow in the game. 

dragon city mod apk unlimited gems


Dragon city mod 2021 apk is one of the favorite games for adults and also for children. It is one of the best dragon gaming application that comes up with three-dimensional graphics. Not just graphics, the app comes up with an amazing storyline. It is very easy to play three levels in which you need to fight the battles against the enemies. Quests will be allowed after 10 and 12 levels. In this game, the players need to feed the baby dragons to make them monsters. The more good and healthy you feed the dragons, the more they able to fight against other enemies. One can easily download Dragon city 2021 Mod APK on their Android and iOS. Not just on the smartphone, Dragon Mod APK is also available for PC. One can easily get the game by clicking on the download button available on our site. 

Our website aimed to provide ease to the users, so they don’t get distracted and easily reach the gaming link. One can get into the link, and it will start downloading on your smartphone after accepting the permission of Mod APK. Dragon City Mod APK is best for the game so far. You can get all details, including the features and other information of the app, in the article. It will help you in understanding the game.